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10 Sep

Actor Glen Powell on Medal of Honor recipients: ‘They are the best of us in the greatest way’

KNOX NEWS – He’s starred as Marine Corps aviator (and famed astronaut) John Glenn in “Hidden Figures.” He’s played Army Sgt. Chutsky in the Iraq War drama “Sand Castle.” And he’s back in the cockpit this fall as Lt. j.g. Tom Hudner, a real-life Medal of Honor recipient who was given the award of valor for his actions as a U.S. Navy pilot in the Korean War.

Despite his many turns as an American warrior – and extensive preparation for the parts – actor Glen Powell offers he’s a bit nervous to be in the company of 34 Medal of Honor recipients when he comes to Knoxville this weekend to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s Bob Hope Award.

“I’m looking forward to listening. Listening and taking it all in,” Powell said. “That’s for me what the room is about.

“I wouldn’t know what else to do. I mean, I don’t often get star-struck but I feel like in this room I’ll probably be very quiet and humbled by it all, and just taking it all in.”

Powell spoke to Knox News editor Joel Christopher on Thursday from the Toronto International Film Festival, where “Devotion” premieres Monday. “Devotion” will be released widely on Nov. 23.

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