Photos: Casamigos Halloween Party

Written by jen on October 30 2023

Glen was in attendance for the Casamigos Halloween Party over the weekend and photos have been added into the photo gallery!

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Happy Birthday Glen!

Written by jen on October 21 2023

On behalf of myself, The Glen Powell Network visitors, and the rest of Glen’s fans, we would like to wish him a very happy 35th birthday! We all are wishing you a great year full of happiness, joy, love, luck, success, health and peace. And most importantly, thanks for being such an amazing person and inspiration to all of us.

If you’d like to wish Glen a special happy birthday wish let him know on his Instagram or Twitter!

‘Anyone But You’ Teaser Trailer

Written by jen on October 20 2023

The film hits theaters on December 22nd!

Brioni Taps Glen Powell for Fall Ad Campaign

Written by jen on September 05 2023

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WWDThe American actor best known for his role in “Top Gun: Maverick,” fronts the brand’s fall campaign focused on the bespoke service.
NEW STAR: Furthering its link with Hollywood stars, Brioni has tapped actor and producer Glen Powell to front its latest campaign.

Dedicated to the Rome-based menswear brand’s bespoke service section of the fall 2023 collection, the cinematic black-and-white images were captured in Los Angeles by photographer Gregory Harris, who reprised his lensman role for the house.

The Austin, Texas-born actor has most recently starred in “Top Gun: Maverick,” the sequel to the blockbuster 1986 “Top Gun,” as pilot Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin. He previously landed roles in such movies as “Hidden Figures,” “Everybody Wants Some” and “Expendables 3.”

Later this year he is starring in “Anyone But You,” a romantic comedy directed and cowritten by Will Gluck, alongside “Euphoria” star and fashion favorite Sydney Sweeney.

The Brioni campaign shows the actor sporting tailored pieces and donning several interpretations of the brand’s sartorialwear – from suited-up, seen in a three-piece suit worn with a tie, to laid-back and relaxed, such as a gray suit worn with a simple T-shirt.

A behind-the-scenes video showcases Powell enjoying Brioni’s bespoke service, his measurements taken by one of the brand’s tailors to create a custom Brioni for Glen Powell-labeled suit.

Although he was not named an ambassador to Brioni, Powell follows in the footsteps of marquee Hollywood stars who have had ties with the Italian men’s luxury label. They include Jude Law and his son Raff who were named house ambassadors in 2022; Brad Pitt; Pierce Brosnan; Anthony Hopkins, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Kering, then called PPR, acquired Brioni in 2011 from the descendants of the company’s founders, Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini.

Glen Powell Teams With Richard Linklater For A (Sort Of) True Comedy Noir Thriller Romance That Hits The Target

Written by jen on September 05 2023

Hit Man debuts on Rotten Tomatoes with a perfect score!

Film Review from Venice:

DEADLINE – It was 22 years ago that Skip Hollandsworth wrote a Texas Monthly article about Gary Johnson, a school teacher who moonlights as a hit man who doesn’t kill people. Now if that doesn’t sound like the formula for a hit movie, you may understand why it has taken so long for Gary’s story to make it to the silver screen — so long in fact that its subject passed away before he could hit the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, where the film is having its world premiere tonight.

Nevertheless, Glen Powell never forgot the story and has teamed with Richard Linklater to finally tell it, though it is only “loosely” based on the original article. Certain details in the screenplay co-written by Linklater and Powell are made up, and those are the details that actually help make this a hilarious winner, as well as perhaps Linklater’s most commercial movie since School of Rock. Its quirky true crime element also has a bit in common with Linklater’s Bernie, which starred Jack Black. The director seems drawn to this kind of offbeat tale, with some level of truth to it.

Powell plays the role of Gary Johnson, who works part-time for the New Orleans Police Department as a fake hit man, a master of disguise who with the unit assigned to him sets up lots of unsuspecting marks by agreeing to kill whatever friend, loved one, relative or other person they want offed. Wired and ready to pounce, Johnson simply gets them to say the magic words about wanting him to commit the murder and voila, they are arrested. The film’s opening half hour has Powell, almost in Peter Sellers mode, disguising himself in different getups to trap various targets who don’t know what they are getting into. In real life, Johnson nailed about 70 people desiring his services to kill on their behalf.

Where the movie takes its own course is when Johnson, using his fake name of Ron, becomes attracted to a beautiful woman named Madison (Adria Arjona), who is trying to hire him to kill her abusive husband. He actually shows some humanity by convincing her it would not be worth the risk to go through with it, much to the disdain of his co-workers in the van listening in and wondering why he let this one get away. That becomes obvious when he begins secretly dating her but under his pseudonym of Ron, now posing as the fake hit man in the pursuit of a new romance, but of course not letting on to his colleagues that he is doing this as it obviously would be unprofessional.

One of those colleagues, Jasper (Austin Amelio), is jealous of Gary as he wants the job and is only his #2. He begins to suspect that something is up, and if he can prove it he knows it will be the end of the line for Gary. It all becomes complicated when Madison’s jerk of a husband Ray (Evan Holtzman) confronts the pair as they are out on a date. Soon and coincidentally, the NOPD team gets a new customer. Guess who? Now it is Gary who has to turn up to take the job offer for a hit on his wife from Ray, who later turns up mysteriously dead. What has happened? Who did it? Suddenly, Hit Man has the elements of a noirish mystery.

Linklater knows just exactly how keep all the balls in the air of this complex story of a hit man who wasn’t a real hit man who just could become a hit man all in the name of love. Billy Wilder would have loved it because it is bordering on Double Indemnity territory. Powell is the perfect fit for this leading role, and clearly he knew it as he also writes and produces with Linklater. He makes all the disguises and changing circumstances seem effortless to navigate. Arjona is a beauty and plays off him nicely with good chemistry between the pair. Amelio is a hoot, the guy who we need to hate here. Retta as Claudette and Sanjay Rao as Phil make up the rest of Gary’s team and they all blend together.

Producers are Mike Blizzard, Linklater, Powell, Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan. The film next heads to the Toronto Film Festival and is a hot market item no doubt. This one is a sleeper and real crowd pleaser.

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